"A terrific testimony of Swabian workmanship."

Wilhelm Kempff, Pianist

"Pianos with a fine tone are rare. The new PFEIFFER-piano, Model 114, is a wonderful example, how the tone influences the value and prominence of a piano. One has to emphasise that this instrument meets the requirements of todays high technical standards of piano manufacturing

A reliable action, uniform sound throughout all piches (from bass to treble), pedals that don't "nasally" discolour the sound, in short: an instrument that satisfies most selected needs. Additionally it has a delightful easy touch. Every connoisseur, who play this piano, will be aware of its merits.""

Prof. Arno Erfurth, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Stuttgart, Direktor

 "Already for a long time I wanted to write you how much we appreciate your PFEIFFER-pianos. It is not only the fine sound and precise touch, but also the reliable mechanics. The repetition works unobjectionably, something you can not say about every piano. All in all your instruments are handcrafted extraordinary careful and with much know-how. You can see, how happy we are with your instruments: we order your pianos since 12 years, the last just this year.

The instruments, that are highly stressed during classes and by the exercise of our students, are best approved. We recommend your instruments to interested buyers with the best feeling."

Prof. Gisela Distler-Brendel, Justus-Liebig-University Gießen,
Musical Sciences and Education.

Maybe you want to hear our instruments? With the follwing pieces we want to give you an idea of their special taste:

Both CD's are avaibale for €uro 15,00 (shipping extra).

Junge Süddeutsche Philharmonie Esslingen

Guidance Berhard Güller,
Soloists Andreas Grau and Götz Schumacher

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Concert for two pianos and orchestra, Es major (KV 365)
Sonata, C major, four hands (KV 521), and variations for pianos,
four hands G major (KV 501)
Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg

Recital Margarita Höhenrieder

Piano and concert ensemble Salzburg under the guidance of Peter Lücker:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Concert for pianos and orchestra Nr. 13, C major (KV 415)
Franz Schubert - Adagio and rondo concertante F major (D.487)
Harald Genzmer - Concertino for pianos and string orchestra.
Bayer Records, Bietigheim.